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Consultancy services
We provide consultancy services that can help you understand and meet market demands anywhere in the world, whatever your industry.

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We Honor Greatness. We Analyze the Complex. We Spark Actions.

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Innovation Growth

Our product profitability service present serves clients to create their products for the maximized customer and end-user value while maintaining cost-effectiveness in the delivery of that content.

Business Growth

The Business Growth Team proposes a package of support to help businesses use Digital Marketing and Competitive Intelligence with the purpose of developing their business.

Google SEO

How did you find this website? Well one answer, organic Search Engine Optimization.

Startup Marketing Service

Our marketing services for startups are uniquely designed to provide the best exposure in lowest of budgets.

Financial and Marketing Services

We help financial services firms create strategic marketing plans aimed squarely at fostering long-term, sustainable growth and prosperous businesses.

Startup Branding Service

We understand that small businesses rely on their brand to build a significant impact. So we developed our Brand Lite service to help them.

Web Application Development Services

Our web application development and custom programming services include everything from a simple Content Management System enabled website to the most complex web-based internet applications, e-commerce portals, and social networking development services.

Startup Web Design and Development

Many owners of Startup Website Design Company may have the goal to develop the online visibility of their business, get more leads, as well as the way to grow their online sales.

Technological Innovation Services

We have created specialized and thematic content to match the knowledge and experience of Magnum IO, so that you can learn from the best experts and specialists; as well as training as a key to identifying and addressing partnership opportunities for collaboration between the Technological Institute and the business world.


We begin by appraising your current marketing businesses to know where there are possibilities for optimization.


We work with enterprises like yours to help you to create a better future by using our business growth services.


We develop accurate and inspirational creative strategy suggestions that address your business and brand experience goals.

Data Ananlysis

We have a fully performing data scientist team ‘for-hire.’ Our analysts are experienced in statistics, applied maths, analytics technologies, and tools.


Our UI/UX designers, usability experts, and analysts take the emotionally balanced human-centered strategy to deliver top-notch design resolutions where the primary focus is not just developing usability but make it delicate and elegant as well.

Innovation Strategy

Every company, in every industry, needs an innovation strategy — whether it be high-tech product innovation, packaging innovation in consumer goods, or process innovation at financial services companies.